Smith Family Farms Updates:

  1. Summer 2016

  2. -We have been experiencing some difficulties with the website and it looks that we may have them resolved.  So sorry for the delay and lack of updating of what has been happening here at the farm!

  3. -We will be having our Land Owner Appreciation day on August 21st at 4 P.M.

  4. -The farm is in great shape for this time of year.  The rains have been timely and the weather has allowed our crops to grow tall and green.  We have been on the look out for disease pressure and insects this year because this weather is favorable for both.  We have been fortunate to this point to stay clear of the disease and insect pressure.

  5. -Linnea and Jim Baney, which would be Dave and Melana’s oldest daughter had her first baby girl this summer named Lydia Joy Baney.  She is precious and we couldn’t be more thankful to add another grand baby to the family tree.

  6. -We have hired a new employee in Zach Green.  Zach comes from a farming back round and is from Winamac, IN.

  1. Spring 2016

  2. -Planting season has come and gone, we started with a great start to the season, but quickly shut planting down when it rained for a solid 2 week stretch.  Fortunate to have the planter power and the crew that we had, we still were able to get the crops into the ground in a timely manner.

  3. -As you can see from some of the photos, we had an opportunity to demo a case quad track to compare it to the John Deere 9620RX four-trac. 

  4. -Our crop rotation this year is about 80% corn/seed corn and 20% soybeans.  We are growing 100% Plenish Soybeans, and are encouraged by the yields and the premiums that they offer.  If you are interested in learning more about them, please contact your local pioneer seed rep.

  5. -We were honored to host Jackie Walorski for a morning here at the farm.  She was really willing to listen to our concerns on the farm and concerns about our country.  Very thankful for the time she spent here and look forward to having her back here again in the future.  She continue to support agriculture!

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