Smith Family Farms has a rich agricultural heritage. Dale and Millie Smith have been farming for more than 55 years. Now working in partnership with their kids, Dave & Melana have been farming for 40 years and Kevin & Chris have been farming for 28 years.  Therefore, Smith Family Farms has over 100 years of farming experience taking care of your land with multiple people sharing their input on the best way to care for the land. Smiths produce corn, soybeans, seed corn, and a few vegetables.  Their desire is to see the Smith family farming legacy continued through their grandchildren and for generations to come.

Smith Family Farms is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services while keeping your farm safe and environmentally friendly. Our family has chosen farming as a way of life because we believe in the importance of raising our family in a farming environment that reinforces our work ethic and strong family values. We strive to model integrity, hard work and teamwork in all we do, and we gladly accept our responsibility to help feed and fuel the world.

What’s Happening at Smith Family Farms:

  1. February 1, 2015

  2. -Been a good last two months around here, fairly decent weather to move corn and get some work done outside.

  3. -We have finished the new building and wash bay for equipment.

  4. -Smith Grain will be expanding this summer for the Plenish Soybean program.  We will be adding 300,000 bushels of storage and a new grain leg to speed up the dumping process for customers.  If you are interested in growing Plenish Soybeans, please contact your local Pioneer Rep.

  5. -We are getting close to getting the new high speed John Deere ExactEmerge planters.  Once we get the planters we will have a lot of prep work to get done before Spring Planting.  We will be installing Dawn components to ensure we are getting the seed right where it should be while traveling at high speeds.

  6. -Landon has had shoulder surgery on his left arm and will have a long road of recovery.  We hope to have him back and healthy again for spring season.

  7. -We couldn’t be happier with the guys that are working here.  Great work ethic, thorough in the jobs they do, and share our vision for taking care of the land that we farm.

  8. -Doing a little bit of brush clean up around some farms, making sure the tree limbs aren’t sticking out in the field to scratch up the equipment.

  9. December 1, 2014

  10. -With harvest all wrapped up and winter quickly approaching, we are trying to get in some fall tillage while we can.  We haven’t had too many days available to do tillage due to the late harvest and wet conditions.

  11. -As many of you are aware we had a challenging harvest due to the inclement weather, but we never back down from a challenge and even had some help getting across some wet ground to finish out the year. 

  12. -The tracks we purchased for the combine this year did a great job, but they weren’t much better in the muck.  Muck needs flotation and the tracks didn’t provide enough for that.  We do believe that they were a significant plus that reduced compaction throughout this wet harvest.  Some of the field were a bit wet while we harvested, but we couldn’t wait any longer to harvest them.  Nobody wants to harvest in the snow!!

  13. -There has been a lot of buzz about our video from this years harvest, and I must credit Landon Smith for his video editing and piloting of the drone to get such great shots!  Landon is actually selling drones, so if you know of anyone that has interest in them, he would greatly appreciate any recommendations. 574-532-5819 or visit  If you haven’t seen the videos just click on the video’s tab to take a look.

  14. -The new machinery shed is getting closer to completion.  It will have a wash bay in it, to allow us to keep equipment and semi’s clean throughout the winter. 

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