Smith Family Farms has a rich agricultural heritage. Dale and Millie Smith have been farming for more than 50 years. Now working in partnership with their kids, Dave & Melana have been farming for 34 years and Kevin & Chris have been farming for 22 years.  Therefore, Smith Family Farms has over 100 years of farming experience taking care of your land with multiple people sharing their input on the best way to care for the land. Smiths produce corn, soybeans, seed corn, and a few vegetables.  Their desire is to see the Smith family farming legacy continued through their grandchildren and for generations to come.

Smith Family Farms is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services while keeping your farm safe and environmentally friendly. Our family has chosen farming as a way of life because we believe in the importance of raising our family in a farming environment that reinforces our work ethic and strong family values. We strive to model integrity, hard work and teamwork in all we do, and we gladly accept our responsibility to help feed and fuel the world.

What’s Happening at Smith Family Farms:

  1. Week of March 31, 2014

  2. -We had a beautiful day monday with a high of 64 degrees.  We have 2 of our 3 aqua bars ready to hit the field and still waiting on one to show up.

  3. -We are continuing to try to be safer here at the farm and have ordered a John Deere Pitstop Pro on our one anhydrous bar.  As you can see above, the connection between the anhydrous tank and the bar will be automated.  We don’t want anyone to have to handle anhydrous more than needed.

  4. -Pioneer had a meeting Monday night with Mike Hoffman from WNDU as a guest speaker and he is forecasting a 2-3 inch rain on Wednesday.  We probably wont put any nitrogen on before that, so it may be mid next week before we get to try it.

  5. -We hope to be in the field next week, please check back for updates as we near another opportunity to grow another crop!

  1. Week of March 24, 2014

  2. -It’s been awhile since I have updated whats been happening here at Smith Family Farms, but we haven’t been able to do much outside of hauling corn and prepping equipment for the Spring push.  The ground is still frozen and it doesn’t appear that we will be in the field for a couple weeks yet.  I say that, but I’ve been wrong before.

  3. -Tomorrow is Dave’s Birthday, so Happy Birthday to Dad. 

  4. -From the picture above you will notice an unfamiliar face.  His name is Hu Shi and we had the pleasure of having him on our farm for three days last week.  Hu is studying to get his P.H.D in Agriculture Biological Engineering.  He comes from China, so on Purdue’s spring break he decided to visit a farm for a few days.  Thank you to the Purdue Extension Office of Dave Kepler for arranging.  Hu also had the opportunity to go through the Poet ethanol plant in North Manchester while he stayed here.  We were pleased to have him here on our farm and look forward to him coming back during the spring to see Smith Family Farms operating in full swing.

  5. -Last year we started applying aqua on April 1, so we still have some time before that date.

  6. Week of Feb 3, 2014

  7. -Well the snow keeps coming down. We have been busy plowing a lot of it, so our trucks can continue to haul grain. 

  8. -Our 2014 tractors are showing up and we have been prepping them for the season on these snow days along with working on planters.  We are going to a new fertilizer system this year, so Matt Fulmer has been busy switching all three planters over.

  9. -We sent all of our employees to the Top Producer seminar in Chicago last week to further their education on various topics.  By the sounds of it, they all enjoyed what they heard and wish to continue to look for learning experiences.  We feel the more up to date with the fast changing agriculture world the better suited we will be for the future.  It’s important to have everyone on the same page moving in the same direction at SFF.

  10. -Last year we started applying Aqua Anhydrous pre-plant on April 1st, It wont be long before that day gets here again.  If the ground is fit prior to that we will try it. 

  11. -Stay Tuned as things will start to pick up here these next couple of months!

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