Smith Family Farms has a rich agricultural heritage. Dale and Millie Smith have been farming for more than 50 years. Now working in partnership with their kids, Dave & Melana have been farming for 34 years and Kevin & Chris have been farming for 22 years.  Therefore, Smith Family Farms has over 100 years of farming experience taking care of your land with multiple people sharing their input on the best way to care for the land. Smiths produce corn, soybeans, seed corn, and a few vegetables.  Their desire is to see the Smith family farming legacy continued through their grandchildren and for generations to come.

Smith Family Farms is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services while keeping your farm safe and environmentally friendly. Our family has chosen farming as a way of life because we believe in the importance of raising our family in a farming environment that reinforces our work ethic and strong family values. We strive to model integrity, hard work and teamwork in all we do, and we gladly accept our responsibility to help feed and fuel the world.

What’s Happening at Smith Family Farms:

  1. September 12, 2014

  2. -Seed corn harvest started on the 6th this year and currently we have about 600 acres done.  However, we did receive 2” of rain on wednesday this week.  This has brought us to halt. 

  3. -If weather permits, we will try to pick some commercial corn late friday afternoon. 

  4. -There has been a lot going on here this summer and to list a few.  We have brought in a natural gas pipeline from Leiters Ford to our dryer on the farm with Nipsco.  This took a couple months, but we had our dryer running last week with natural gas. 

  5. -We are currently putting up another 100,000 bushel bin storage to go with the other 5 that are currently lining the west side of drive.

  6. -There is some concern over a wet fall harvest and we decided to purchase a set of tracks for our combine.  This will improve our flotation and allow us to pick some of the corn that we may not have been able to with regular wheels.

  7. -Saturday the 12th,  Local fire and rescue departments will be spending the day at the farm learning about grain bin safety and doing some hands on rescue.  We are loading a semi with corn to illustrate being in a bin.  When we open the hopper bottom door it will start to pull an individual into the grain.  This will show how fast a person could be sucked into a pile of grain.  Firemen will be demonstrating the rescue of that person and I hope to have many pictures from the day to share.  Safety on a farm is always a priority.

  8. -Corn is testing around 27% on early varieties as we picked 3 loads this friday to get combine started and calibrated.

  1. Week of June 9, 2014

  2. -It’s been a wonderful spring thus far.  We finished planting commercial corn around May 10th, beans on May 31, and Seed corn on May 31.  Corn is growing quickly and looking great!  We sprayed just shy of 2000 acres of corn yesterday to beat the overnight rain of .3”

  3. -Rains have been very timely and haven’t caused much ponding.  We had 5” in May in which two rain events totaled 3”.  June has a total of 2.3”

  4. -Corn is off to one of the greatest starts we have seen in a long time.  Though we are a long way from this crop being made, we are really pleased with our stands and believe we have more potential than we have ever had.

  5. -Nitrogen side dress application is 200 acres from being done.  We have to wait a couple more days for the seed corn to get a bit more growth.

  6. Week of May 12, 2014

  7. -Commercial Corn is done, Soybeans are 50% and Seed Corn is 40% complete.  We had a really nice start to 2014 planting season!  We started planting on April 20 with one of the 24 row 1770 Planters and by the 22nd we had the 36 row planting.  We didn’t get the other 24 row planter running until the 24th.  Virtually didn’t have anything slow us down until this week. 

  8. -We had an opportunity to run the ExactEmerge planter from John Deere that allows you to plant at 10mph and it really does do a very nice job at these speeds if the field has a nice seed bed.  You will find one of the video’s above that shows how accurate the planter is at 9 and 10mph.

  9. -We are also very thankful for the weather that we have had, we did have quite a few irrigation systems running last week and were starting to make the rounds.  Monday we had 1.56” and we accumulated another half inch in the last 24 hrs.

  10. -According to our scout we have well emerged corn and we are very excited about the start this corn crop has! 

  11. -Bean planting didn’t get started until May 1.  Matt Fulmer plants all of our beans and has half of them in.  Shouldn’t take another week before we get them wrapped up, but ground is wet again!  It may be a week before he can get back in the fields.

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